GSA Phone List Registration Form
(This is not the way to find information about phone meetings. Instead, click MEETINGS and PHONE MEETINGS at
  1. ONLY use this form to register for the first time. If you are unsure whether you have already registered, email
  2. DO NOT use this form to update your entry. Instead email
  3. The GSA Phone List is available ONLY to current members of the GSA fellowship who join the list. To receive access to the list, join the list below.
  4. If you are not yet a member of the GSA fellowship, i.e., weighing and measuring three meals a day with nothing in between from the GreySheet with a qualified GreySheet sponsor, please call +1 832 856 1058 9 am - 9 pm USA CST to get started.
  5. The GSA Phone List is updated at the end of every quarter (March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31). Depending on when you join the list, it may take up to three months for the GSA Phone List trusted servant to add you to the list and send you your user name and password. If you need specific contact information sooner than that, email and ask for the specific information you need. For example, ask the Phone List Trusted Servant to send you "All the GSA women members in Central Time" or "All the GSA men members in Europe." 
  6. You will receive a new password quarterly. If the email with your new password bounces, you will be removed from the list. Mark GreySheeters Anonymous as a SAFE SENDER so that your new password doesn't go to your SPAM, JUNK, or BULK MAIL folder.
  7. By joining the GSA Phone List, you agree that you will not use the list for solicitation or commercial purposes and you will not provide access to the list to anyone who has not joined the list. Instead ask them to join themselves.
  8. If you contact a member of the GSA Phone List and discover their information is not current, please email If you someone tells you that they have left GSA, please email The trusted servant will confirm with that member and update the list. This is an important service you can provide your fellow members. An out-of-date Phone List is little use as a defense against the first bite.
  9. At least once a year, the GSA Phone List trusted servant will call or email you to confirm your entry. Please respond by the deadline (usually the end of the month) to remain a member of the GSA Phone List.
  10. Note about identifying Home Group: A Home Group is the GSA Group whose meeting you attend weekly, where you raise your hand to share, where you do service, where you hold service positions, where you participate in monthly business meetings, where you express your opinion to your GSR on Intergroup and World Service matters, and where you make Seventh Tradition donations if you can. In other words, your Home Group is the GSA meeting to which you are committed, where people expect to see you, where people know you.
  • If your Home Group usually meets in person, specify Country or State, City, Day, and Time.
    • For example, TX HOU SAT 0900
  • If your Home Group usually meets on the Phone Bridge Intergroup conference line, please specify "PBIG" and give the Day and Time in US ET. If your Home Group is a Phone meeting NOT affiliated with the PBIG, please enter PHO Day and Time and Intergroup. 
    • For example, PBIG THU 0700 or PHO SUN 1600 ET NYMIG
  • If your Home Group usually meets on Zoom or SKYPE, please specify "Zoom" or "Skype", the Day and Time, and the Intergroup.
    • For example, ZOOM MON 2000 EIG or SKYPE TUES 1930 AET AAAIG
* indicates required
Capitalize the first letter only.
Only your last initial will appear on the GSA Phone List. However, we need your last name to distinguish you from others with your first name.
SPACES ONLY, please. No dashes, periods, slashes, parentheses.
ONLY if you live in New York or Connecticut, provide county; in Iceland, Region; in Israel, District
MM/DD/YYYY you started weighing and measuring from the GreySheet with a qualified GreySheet sponsor.
Provide Country, State, City or Phone Number or Video Platform plus Day and Time
If you check any service positions below, indicate here for which group, intergroup, committee, or other GSAWS organization you hold this position. For FTF meetings, include City, Day, Time. For others, indicate PBIG, Phone, Zoom, Skype.

Greysheeters Anonymous will use the information you provide on this form to add you to the GSA Phone List, to provide you monthly access information, and to verify your membership at least annually. We may also email (only) you other VERY IMPORTANT GSA information but this will be no more than four times a year. Please let us know all the ways you would like to hear from us about the GSA Phone List:

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